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Lightning by IcarusLeonardo Lightning :iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 10 3
Little Flames and Shadows

"Ready?" I asked, holding my cupped hands over the table.
My friend, Christie, nodded, and we each lowered our hands to the table.
My pocket Leo had been squirming around, peering over my fingers and trying to see what was going on, but now he waited patiently as I put him down on the table.
Christie's pocket Nico looked up at her with his head cocked to the side, probably wondering why she put him down.
Leo looked at Nico curiously, studying the pale boy. Nico looked back at him, his dark eyes unreadable. Christie and I held our breath, waiting carefully. We weren't sure how they'd react to one another, so we were a little nervous. We each had tiny pocket people, and we'd decided that we wanted to introduce them to one another. I'd met little Nico before, but my little Leo had never seen him before in his life.
My pocket Leo frowned, walking up to Nico. Nico scowled, taking a step back.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Christie's eyes widen,
:iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 16 12
"Leo, focus."
"Sorry, what?" Leo asked, snapping out of his daze.
Nico rolled his eyes, spinning his Stygian Iron sword around in his hands. "I said, focus. How do you ever expect to learn how to sword fight if all you do is day dream? You'd be dead in minutes."
"It's not my fault," Leo said defensively.
"How is it not your fault?" Nico asked, snorting.
Leo suddenly wished he hadn't said that. It wasn't his fault, but he couldn't exactly tell Nico that it was the hot son of Hades's fault. He'd been crushing on Nico for ages, and the whole reason for asking Nico to teach him sword fighting had basically just been to spend more time with him.
"Try again," Nico instructed, brandishing his sword. "This time, try and actually pay attention, Leo."
Leo nodded, determined not to let his mind wander this time. But, as usual, that didn't happen. Leo found himself staring at Nico's thin but muscular arms, and his dark eyes, and his shaggy black hair that Leo wanted to run his finger
:iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 20 28
How to Hold a Moonbeam
The first time Percy saw him, it was just a glimpse. He had been talking to Grover when he saw the boy out of the corner of his eye, but when he turned to get a better look, the boy was gone.
The next time, Percy was late for school, and the boy ran past his locker on the way to class, apparently also late. Percy got a better look at him then. He had shaggy black hair, and pale skin. He was wearing a black t-shirt with some logo on it that Percy couldn't see very well, because the boy had already run past him, and his brown aviator's jacket was covering up part of it. He wore black jeans and gray converse shoes. All this Percy noticed in a couple seconds as the boy darted past him.
Percy saw the boy every now and then, always dressed in black, and always seeming to disappear whenever Percy tried to get a closer look. He saw him on the opposite side of the classroom while they were working, or he saw him walk by the gymnasium during PE. He would see glimpses of the boy in the cafeteria,
:iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 24 28
Betraying Gaia Part 2
"Mm, what?" I mumbled, nuzzling into Luke's chest.
"Somebody's at the door," he told me.
"Well too bad for them, I'm sleeping," I grumbled stubbornly.
"Percy, you don't have to get it, but you have to get off of me if I'm going to," Luke pointed out.
I grumbled in protest, not wanting to give up my pillow. Luke rolled his eyes and sat up, making my head slip off his chest and fall onto the mattress. "Hey!" I complained.
Luke ruffled my hair gently, smirking slightly. "Sorry babe, but someone's got to answer it if you want to go back to sleep." He got off of the bed, grabbing his jeans and pulling them on quickly before leaving the room.
I sighed, adjusting my position so my head was on the pillow instead of the mattress, closing my eyes. The pillow wasn't as comfortable as Luke's chest, but it would have to do until he got back.
I was just starting to drift off to sleep again when I heard Luke call, "Percy!"
"What?" I called.
"Come here!"
I reluctantly dragged myself out of be
:iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 20 25
Betraying Gaia
I bit my lip, thinking. Her offer was tempting, no doubt, but I'd learned my lesson. I wasn't about to make the same mistake twice. But...
"Luke!" the boy laughed, running away.
The older boy chuckled, tearing after him. "I'm going to get you, Percy!"

"Yes..." she said, her voice soft and sleepy. "You can see them again... Join me, Luke, and you can see your friends..."
She really knew how to get to me. I wanted it, and she knew I did. I could tell by her triumphant smile that she knew she'd won.
I sighed. "Okay."
Her smile widened. "Excellent." She tossed me something, and at first I thought it was tongs, like what you use to barbecue. Then I realized it was a stick. It was one of those tuning sticks that you use to help you find water, though I knew it didn't really work.
After that, she disappeared, melting back into the grass that covered the ground in Elysium.
The tuning stick went wild in my ghostly hands, pointing the way. I followed it hesitantly, and surp
:iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 25 5
Math is So Not Mathematical by IcarusLeonardo Math is So Not Mathematical :iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 7 16 Daedalus Sketch Dump by IcarusLeonardo Daedalus Sketch Dump :iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 5 14
Reading You
Warning: This story is a crossover involving Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl) and Nico Di Angelo (Percy Jackson and the Olympians). It also contains spoilers for The Time Paradox (Artemis Fowl). If you haven't read both book series, the author advises you not to read this fan fiction. Contains slash.
Artemis scanned the shelves, looking for the right author. Richardson, Riley, Riordan... Where was Rowling? Minerva had been bugging him about reading the Harry Potter books for months now, and eventually he just gave in and promised to read them. Now he was searching the fantasy section of library, looking for the stupid books.
"Artemis, look at this," Nico said, walking over to him. "Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident."
Artemis looked up at Nico, frowning. He straightened, taking the book out of his boyfriend's hand and examining the cover.
"There's a whole series of them," Nico told him. "Are these about you?"
Artemis skimmed the first few pages for a moment and chuckled, shu
:iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 14 36
Little Flames and Shadows: Little Dragon Scales by IcarusLeonardo Little Flames and Shadows: Little Dragon Scales :iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 11 61 Gumball by IcarusLeonardo Gumball :iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 2 2 Daedalus in Blue by IcarusLeonardo Daedalus in Blue :iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 1 2 Festus by IcarusLeonardo Festus :iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 4 2
Between Death and a Castle Part 3
Poseidon sighed, tearing his eyes away from where his son slept peacefully, curled up with a thief.
"Don't you see how happy Luke makes him?" Hazel asked.
"Please, Uncle," Jason begged. "You can't let them kill Luke."
"What do you think will happen if Luke dies?" Nico asked, his expression hard. "Percy will be miserable. He'll close himself off from everyone else until he doesn't see any point in living anymore, and you know what'll happen next. You'll lose him, just like he lost Luke."
"Do you think I want to kill my son's boyfriend?" Poseidon asked. "I don't have any control in the matter. The best I can do is allow Percy to spend this time with him, but it's only going to hurt him more in the end."
"Lord Poseidon, please. What if Luke swore off thievery? What if he became a gentleman, and lived here in the castle? You would be able to keep an eye on him, and Percy would be able to see him whenever he wanted. Luke would have no reason to steal, and Percy would be hap
:iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 21 17
Between Death and a Castle Part 2
Percy sighed, glancing at the guards following behind him. "Is this really necessary?" he asked no one in particular.
"Sucks, doesn't it?" Jason kicked at a rock, sending it skidding across the street. "I blame Thalia."
"Why me?" she asked.
"After you tried to run away that one time, the adults got super uptight about keeping an eye on us," Jason said. "It's annoying."
"You're just saying that because you're sick of having people watch you whenever you talk to Octavian," Thalia teased, grinning.
"We're always on the grounds! Sometimes we're even in the castle, and Dad still makes sure there's at least one person watching us! I'm sick of it!" Jason complained, throwing his hands up in the air.
"My dad usually isn't that bad. I'm not allowed to go into the city without the guards though. If I did I'd get in huge trouble," Percy said, thinking about all the times he'd snuck out.
"We're usually never allowed to go into the city," Jason said, scowling. "You're lucky."
:iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 18 2
Between Death and a Castle
Perseus glanced behind him again, tugging at his hood to make sure it covered his face. His feet kicked over stones as he walked through the streets of the town quickly, his robes swishing around his legs. He stuck to the walls and kept his head down, trying to blend in with the crowd and stay unnoticed.
Apparently he didn't do a very good job, because the next thing he knew, there was a hand over his mouth and someone had dragged him into one of the concealed spaces between two houses. Perseus's hood was yanked off and he whirled to face his abductor.
The blonde boy smirked, his blue eyes gleaming with mischief. "Well, it look like I've caught myself a prince." The boy chuckled, planting his sword in the dirt and leaning on the handle. "You know, when I started out today, I never thought I'd have the honor of capturing royalty." The way he said royalty, it sounded like an insult.
Perseus scowled, moving to grab his sword from the sheath hanging at his side. Before he could grab
:iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 22 39



wolphies tagged me ages ago but im only just getting around to it my apologies 

i havent developed my plant aliens enough so im gonna go w/ my resident scrap heap blackjack townsend

iiiiii dont have any pictures of my ocs rlly (i think youre supposed to post one ??) and i dont wanna answer in character so here we gO

1) What is your real name, what does it mean and what is your nickname?:

her real name is riley baker but she goes by blackjack townsend

she chose it when she was younger, so its a little embarrassing to look back on the meaning now, but shes grown attached to it

blackjack 1) sounded cool and 2) fit to her because like when you get blackjack, she always wins from the very first move

townsend is because shell either be the end of the town or some kinda godsend when it comes down to it

2) How old are you?:

ffff i dunno i uprooted her from her original universe so she doesnt have a solid age anymore

3) What's your favorite food?:


4) How about your favorite drink?:

doesnt rlly have one

5) Who's your lover?:

shes aro/ace af tbh but when they get older she and clip talk about a platonic partnership

6) Have you kissed anyone?:  

yeah probs i dont have hcs set out for it but its always more of a "i was dared to" or "it was necessary for the Plan" thing

7) Who was your childhood sweetheart?:

she convinced herself she had a crush on like two guys in elementary but didnt a c tually like them in retrospect

8) Who's your favorite author?:

tbh its probably like eion colfer or james dashner or smthn

9) What's your biggest fear?:

feeling helpless

10) Do you have any siblings?:

god daMN i cant remember any of my hcs but im gonna say older ones ye
11) Who's your hero?: 

its sherlock or artemis fowl or smthn she wants to be Unemotional Brilliant and Cool

12) And your worst enemy?:

her mom

13) What about your best friend?: 

the paperclip is easily the most important person in her life. she loves that boy to death tbh, shed do anything for him
14) What would you do if you met your creator?:

creator as in me ?????? judge me probably and mb shoot me in the head to see if the world explodes

15)  What do you want to be when you grow up?: 

a criminal mastermind mb like a supercool fbi agent ?? who knows the future is a Mystery

16) What's your worst nightmare?: 

losing the paperclip for sure

17) What's your lifelong dream?: 

having the confidence and power to do what she wants when she wants
18) And what would you do if it came true?: 

oceans eleven theme plays in the distance
19) Where do you like to relax?: 

the riverbank at the park 
20) What do you do most of the time?: 

avoid her mom and message the paperclip

edit: i forgot to tag ppl

i tag cosmicatastrophe Rhaylee SELI-book khalfrodod IVDP leduemedaglie Liettore 

i know some of them have ocs but i dont remember if all of them do so ??? rip u can do it if u want to or pass if u dont its all good

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